YOU on the Camino de Santiago

For and about first time pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago in Spain - whether your flights are booked and you have a start date, or if you have just now heard of the Camino, this podcast will walk with you as you take your first steps of preparing, planning, and starting your Camino experience. Guide and long-time pilgrim Nancy Reynolds shares her 17 years of experience walking the Camino and leading 13 small groups on the Camino Francés - plus interviews with new pilgrims getting ready for their first ever Camino walks.

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Tuesday Oct 11, 2022

What does it mean to be brave for yourself? As Pilgrim Kathy prepares to walk the Camino del Norte in 2023, she shares about her regrets, fears, and being her own super hero.   We also cover a wide variety of practical pilgrim-centric topics, such as travel insurance, checking a bag on the airplane, how and when to find food on the Camino, and the contributions the hospitaleros, or hospitality hosts, make to the pilgrims. And as promised, here is the website where you can follow the statistics for pilgrims reaching Santiago and receiving the Compostela certificates here: And also as promised, here are the addresses for those two gorgeous laundromats in Santiago: Rúa das Hortas, 10 and Rúa de San Clemente, 18, 15705 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña #youonthecamino #caminodesantiago #firsttimepilgrim #thecaminoexperience #caminopodcast  

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

When you imagine yourself on the Camino, who is there?  Are you on your own? Is your spouse or partner there with you? Are you with a big group of your favorite people, perhaps family, perhaps not? The question of who are you doing this with is, I think, broader than it appears at first glance. That’s because there are so many parts to getting ready for and walking the Camino, and so many points at which you may want or need someone to do it with you. This episode of the “YOU on the Camino de Santiago” podcast has a lot of detailed information to assist you as you determine with whom you will walk the Camino. Click here for the promised lists of questions and other resources discussed in this episode. And click here to get all the details about starting your Camino with Nancy and the "Just Get Me Started" program. *This episode is dedicated to my dear friend, Heidi Fowler, who is blessing me by bearing witness to my journey and allowing me to bear witness to hers. #youonthecamino #caminodesantiago #firsttimepilgrim #thecaminoexperience #caminopodcast  

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

From the kindness of strangers to gaining an expanded sense of community to being connected to centuries of history - there is so much to be discovered and experienced by walking the Camino de Santiago. Join me in this poignant and uplifting conversation with Kimberly as she explores the possibility of someday being a pilgrim on the Camino in Spain or Portugal. And for all of you first-time or someday-pilgrims, would you like to be a guest on Season Two of this podcast? I would love to hear from you! Please visit this page on my website - The Camino Experience To learn more about starting your Camino experience with the "Just Get Me Started" program, please visit this page. #youonthecamino #caminodesantiago #firsttimepilgrim #thecaminoexperience #caminopodcast

Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

Where do pilgrims sleep on the Camino? In this episode I give a full run-down on the what, the where, and the how-they-work of the pilgrim’s hostels, or albergues, on the Camino. And I explore the other sleeping options, in case sleeping in shared dorm rooms isn’t for you. What about the idea that the albergues are the heart of the pilgrim community, and that true pilgrims stay only in the albergues? Let’s talk about that, too! Resources Websites with up-to-date lists of albergues:  - Gronze:  - Eroski Consumer: Camino Apps:  - Camino Ninja  - Wise Pilgrim  - Buen Camino To discover the Spanish Parador Hotels: Correction: According to the list of albergues handed out by the Pilgrim's Office in Saint Jean Pied de Port, roughly 40% of the albergues on the Camino Francés are open all year (not roughly half, as mentioned). #youonthecamino #caminodesantiago #firsttimepilgrim #thecaminoexperience #caminopodcast

Tuesday Nov 08, 2022

On the first day of my first Camino walk, I covered 17 kilometers powered only by pastries. Why? Because I had no idea where and, more importantly, when to find food in Spain. Eating on the Camino can be an adventure in and of itself. Here are some tips to help you find your way along the culinary path, as well as some cost estimates to put into your Camino budget. İBuen provecho! Resources for Vegans and Vegetarians Happy Cow: (Also available as an app.) Facebook groups:  - Vegetarians and Vegans on the Camino:   - Camino de Santiago – Veg, Vegetarians and Vegans: #youonthecamino #caminodesantiago #firsttimepilgrim #thecaminoexperience #caminopodcast  

Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

How much does it cost to walk the Camino? How does the amount you spend for your pilgrimage influence, or even determine the experience you will have on the Camino? Or from another perspective, think of the experience you want: how much will that cost? Let's answer these questions as we put together your Camino budget. Here are the resources mentioned in this episode: For some sample budgets and a template for creating your own Camino budget, check out this page on my website. To review the options and costs for sleeping and eating on the Camino, check out Episodes 14 & 15, plus these pages on my website:  - Eating on the Camino  - Sleeping on the Camino For all the websites to use to shop for flights, buses, trains, and taxis, go to this webpage. To compare and shop for travel insurance polices, check out #youonthecamino #caminodesantiago #firsttimepilgrim #thecaminoexperience #caminopodcast

Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

Thank you for joining me for Season One! Sixteen episodes, more than 2,800 downloads, and listeners from more than 40 countries . . . my global heart is so happy. In this episode I share with you what I am working on for you for next year, and then I give you a wrap up of Season One. By now you should have a pretty solid Camino plan coming together. I also give you a preview of Season Two and ask for your input on which topics are most important to you as you plan and prepare for your upcoming Camino pilgrimage. Here are all the links I mentioned:   > Tell me what you want for Season Two, which starts in late January:   > Donate to the podcast production fund (or buy me a coffee or two!):   > Be a guest on this podcast:   > Send me a note:   > Find out why you would join one of my “Just Get Me Started” groups:   #youonthecamino #caminodesantiago #firsttimepilgrim #thecaminoexperience #caminopodcast


YOU on the Camino de Santiago

With guide and long-time pilgrim,
Nancy Reynolds of
The Camino Experience

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